Bradley injured in the Tour de France, back in La Vuelata a Espana

Bradley Wiggins injured Tour De France…back in La Vuelata a Espana

Having watched the pure athletic nature of the Tour de France and La Vuelta a Espana over the last few months, it really does personify the determination and team work needed to compete at the highest level in sport. It also symbolises the fragility and cruelty of sport, having peaked to a level to compete – outside variables can often lead to competitors failing to meet their standards, not by fault of their own, but through injury.

I am sure that everyone who is involved in sport sympathised with Bradly Wiggens when he crashed out and fractured his collarbone. Having got himself to peak fitness, being in the wrong place at the wrong time – finished his tour. This clavicle injury is often associated with impact, as was this case, and as anyone who has injured (either fractured or sprained their A/C joint will know) it can be extremely painful.

Although painful, this is a common injury especially in sport. The decision then lies on whether to surgically repair or conservatively treat the injury. These decisions are based on a number of factors including the individuals circumstances and also the related injury (as all are different). No matter the decision, the importance of Physiotherapy and rehabilitation in order to gain the best outcome are essential to a speedy and safe return!

It is important however when competing in sport to remember that although you may be restricted to certain movements or exercises for a period of time, there are other ways to remain fit. During any injury period an athlete must always remember – this is not the time to lose your fitness, it is the time to work on your other weaknesses!

Just ask Bradley – he may have missed the Tour of Britain, but he is back with avengence in La Vuelta a Espana!

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