A little about me...

About Stephen Flanagan MSC MCSP SRP BSc (Hons)

Chartered Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and Athletic Trainer

Stephen is a chartered physiotherapist (CSP), a member of the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) as well as being a qualified athletic and rehabilitation therapist.

Having previously completed a BSc degree in Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy in Ireland prior to completing to completing his physiotherapy studies, Stephen has worked with a range of elite Football, GAA and Rugby teams to maximise their performance and aid in their rehabilitation from injury. Stephen has now completed a MSc in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and is currently working for NHS Lothian. With this background of working with many different client groups, Stephen has gained the knowledge and skills the help people in line with their lifestyle and rehabilitation goals, whether you are a professional athlete or a member of the general population.

Stephen is also a keen sportsman who has competed competitively in GAA and rugby from a young age. Stephen has also suffered a variety of different injuries throughout his sporting career which allows him to relate to the emotions experienced by clients who are struggling to come to terms with the limitations of their injury. Stephen has a special interest in helping clients come to terms with these injuries along with creating a step-by-step plan to return to their sport or normal daily activity level. Nowadays Stephen plays GAA competitively, completes regular cycling and recreational hiking along with recently taking up Marathon running therefore he can relate to an individual no matter their activity or sport.

Whatever the sport or environment he prides himself on developing a rapport with each of his clients throughout the assessment and treatment session. Stephen will also ensure that each treatment is based around the client’s individual goals which may greatly enhance their quality of life. He can offer a range of different treatments including exercise prescription, soft-tissue therapy, electrotherapy, taping along with education as he believes teaching clients about their condition is just as important as providing them with the tools to complete a long-lasting recovery.

Stephen is available at Dalkeith Road!