Consultancy to athletes and Clubs

Colin McLelland is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist and Performance specialist with experience working with National Governing Bodies (SFA; SRU), SPL, Championship teams and both internationally and nationally recognised athletes. Colin has extensive experience of working in highly pressurised, results orientated sports environments and in turn has created a reputation of an enthusiastic, passionate, dependable individual with a desire to succeed.

For more than 19 years Colin has been involved in elite professional sport and the pursuit of achieving excellence. Having been a semi-professional rugby player for leading English Premier Rugby clubs, injury hampered his progression, and instead he has focussed on the importance of injury prevention and treatment, athlete performance and player preparation, all of which have driven his career to date.

During Colin’s career he has firmly concentrated on delivering a high level of service to players and athletes, using his multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, so that players perform to the best of their abilities, and achieve the highest results. His focus is on closing the gap between an athlete’s current capabilities and their potential, not only when developing performance but also for the prevention of injury. This has been extremely successful when working with a variety of National and International athletes which include sports such as football, rugby, cycling, swimming, equestrian vaulting and arm wrestling.

Most notably Colin’s appointment as Head Physiotherapist at Hibernian Football Club saw success both on and off the pitch.

Hibernian medical department statistics regularly showed that the protocols implemented kept players on the pitch for longer throughout the season, with reduced musculoskeletal injuries being recorded. Combined team protocols (for warm-up, recovery, nutrition, flexibility etc.) ensured a reduction in injuries and increased recovery times. Added to this individualised player programs, in which weakness were identified, led to both the development and success of the players and the overall achievements of Hibernian Football Club.

Colin currently works with many leading athletes and professional players, using all of his multidisciplinary techniques to keep them physically, mentally fit and performing at the highest levels. As a Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist and Performance consultant, he is now able to share his knowledge and expertise to a a number of sports and the wider footballing community.

Colin offers a number of consultancy services to athletes, players and clubs. These include Sports Performance, Fitness and Physiotherapy services. His consultation includes building upon and enhancing the already established Medical and Fitness departments within Clubs and enhancing these services. The overall aim is to reduce injuries, increase performances and

Clients include both National and Internationally recognised athletes and both Profession and Amateur Clubs from a variety of sports.

• Treatment and rehabilitation
• Prehabilitation (injury prevention)
• Fitness and performance – both team and individual specific
• Functional movement analysis
• Seasonal development
• Nutritional analysis and advice
• Fitness testing and analysis
• Pre and post training / game strategies
• Individually centred specific training – ‘individual needs specific approach’