Let us screen your team! Prevent future injuries & perform better

Back2Fitness is delighted to offer FMS (Functional Movement Screening) for members of your team in order to identify weaknesses, future problems and discover limitation that hinder performances.

Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.

Above all this screening can be done at your Club, by an FMS expert who works in professional sport.

FMS is used by many major US Sports clubs including all major NFL and NBA clubs, and there are only a number of Experts in the UK.

Contact us now on enquiries@b2fit.co.uk to arrange an FMS screening date for your team.

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For more information, please visit FunctionalMovement.com.

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