About our online appointments

At Back2Fitness we are dedicated to providing the best, most convenient and safest appointments for our clients. That’s why we now offer virtual online appointments.

These appointments are conducted via Zoom by one of our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists online with you whilst you are at your home or workplace.

You will no longer have to worry about taking time off work, finding a baby sitter or rushing to the clinic through traffic.

Our secure online appointments are designed so that you can be assessed and an individual treatment plan devised for you. The same as we do in our traditional face to face appointments.

Appointments are 30mins in duration and are available to all self-paying and insurance clients (please ask your insurance provider to see if they fund this or we are also happy to advise).

This additional online service complements our face to face clinic appointments, and we still ensure quality and privacy is at the forefront.

Of course, our online service may not be appropriate for some clients, and our staff will be more than happy to discuss options with you to ensure that you get the best appointment for you.


– We need to see the area of injury, so please wear appropriate clothing. Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing is best. If it is a lower limb injury, please wear shorts, if it is an upper limb injury or neck, please wear a vest top.

– Set yourself up on your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone so you can see us and we can see you. Try and give yourself room to move.

= Ensure your devices are charged prior to appointment or have a power source available.

– A quiet location is best with some space and good lighting.

– If you have any equipment to hand i.e. foam roller, dumbbells or bands, and a mat or towel on the floor available let us know and we can tailor your plan to suit you. If you can’t achieve this, don’t worry, we will improvise.