Shotz Energy gels

The ultimate feel good fuel for your body and mind


Many endurance athletes will understand and have experienced the feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ (hopefully not literally!) that point in a race or training when the body’s glycogen stores are used up. With SHOTZ Energy Gel, is designed to make this a thing of the past.

When glycogen runs low our bodies are forced to burn fat to compensate but this is not easily converted into glycogen. At this point athletes experience a dramatic increase in fatigue which can significantly affect their performance. Containing a combination of complex and simple carbohydrates, SHOTZ Energy Gels do not contain any fructose and are gluten free, providing a fast-acting hit of sustained energy to help you maintain optimum performance for longer.

As well as satisfying your refuelling needs, SHOTZ Energy Gels also contain electrolytes to aid in muscle function. SHOTZ Energy Gels dissolve quickly into your system and gives your mind and muscles a perfectly measured dose of natural complex carbohydrates – and therefore help people avoid the wall!

They come in 6 great flavours.


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