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Physiotherapy & Massage delivered by experienced clinicians to the Lothians

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At Back2Fitness we are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and musculoskeletal problems. All our clinicians are fully qualified and experienced, working in professional sport including national governing bodies (SFA, SRU), professional and amateur sports teams, as well as national and international recognised athletes. (Click here to learn more).

While our clinicians work closely with many elite professional athletes and sports teams, as well as the general public and they take the same dynamic approach to every individual. That’s why at Back2Fitness our philosophy is simple – treatment is individualised to you with the long term aim of getting you better and keeping you better.

‘We aim to be the Best so you can be at yours’.

We have 2 clinics:

  • LivingWell Health Club, Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, EH28 8LL  (7 days a week including mornings and evening appointments)
  • 187 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5DS (working alongside Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery) and is open Sunday (all day), Thursday (evenings).

To learn more about Physiotherapy click here, to learn more about massage click here.

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Why choose Back2Fitness?

Back2Fitness clinicians have extensive experience of working in highly pressurised, results orientated sports environments and in turn have created a reputation of being enthusiastic, passionate, dependable team with the desire to succeed and get clients fit.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation and client satisfaction, and are delighted to share their experiences with you (click here)

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Physiotherapy, sports performance & fitness consultancy

Back2Fitness also provides athlete and team consultancy from Colin McLelland – works with many leading athletes and clubs. Click here for more details.


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